I’ve been learning to practice it.

Last week I made the decision to start pushing myself a little more. Physically, I’ve started “training” to reach certain goals. Musically, I’ve started a consistent practice. Mentally, I’m finding ways to focus and dig in a little deeper.

This week, self-care keeps cropping up. It started with this – (You can be terrible if you call it self-care) and I laughed.

Then a more positive note on the subject, with the arrival of Nicole’s newsletter this morning. (You are subscribed to Eat This Poem newsletters, right?) She gave a list of 5 Ways Creatives Can Practice Self-Care, and made this statement – “I can’t do my best creative work when I’m not taking care of myself. Writing and wellness go hand in hand. When I’m nourished, and when my body feels good, I’m better able to access the inspiration stores inside of me.”

And a blog post arrived via email from Wit & Delight sharing – “Never Give Up – Questions to ask when everything isn’t okay” from Eponis Sinope.

So I worked from home this morning. I tackled a creative project I’ve been avoiding. I took a morning off of physical training and drank lemon water and didn’t mind peeing every 45 minutes. I listened to one of my weirdest playlists – made from favorite songs jotted in a notebook years ago.

Nourish yourself today. Allow rest in the drama of your life.

And maybe – treat. yo. self.


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