just start


source: @jasminedowling


You can’t be unless you begin.

When I was small, I was told I had a habit of starting things but not finishing them. Halfway seemed to be my version of “finished.” I started to think of myself as a “giving-up” kind of person.

I did not like that at all. As time went on I found a way to avoid that fear of giving up, that self-disappointment when I hit the halfway mark and walked away.

I just stopped starting.

I didn’t realize I had a problem with this until I got a lot older. Avoidance became my tactic in things that scared me. I mean, this is not an uncommon response to fear — but my fear of failure grew bigger and bigger the more I avoided things that scared me.

A couple years back I had an awakening — a challenge to dig deeper, to find the courage to do hard and scary things. Since then, I’ve done a lot of just that.

Yet I still find myself falling into these patterns over and over again. Old habits die hard?

One of the most terrifying yet liberating elements of life is that it’s our choice how we let these things shape us. It’s always hard — but always worth it.

Are you avoiding just starting? Get out there. Dig your heels into the dirt and start moving. You’ve got this.